The Open Book Advisor™ designation was born as the result of a robust real estate market,
a market where any 20 something could talk Mr. & Mrs. Public into refinancing or buying a home
because rates were selling themselves.  Someone noticed that the potential was there for many
consumers to be ill advised at best and defrauded at worst.  
Let's be honest.
Current foreclosure numbers are not the result of a poor economy.
Consumers have been at a disadvantage until now.  
Wouldn't you agree that borrowers deserve a professional they
can trust with credentials they can see?
 OBA™ does.

It really is this simple.  
An Open Book Advisor™ meets criteria such as licensing, a positive credit history and the personal
experience of home ownership,  must have experience when advising  on borrowers on the biggest
financial decisions most will make in their lifetimes.  Some OBA™ advisors also have additional
experience as real estate investors, making them a trusted asset to someone wishing to grow their net
worth with Real Estate.  In the mortgage financing arena, is that too much to ask?  
As consumer's themselves, OBA™ creator's didn't think so.  

To learn more about reading a credit report and to view Brian's OBA™ certified credit report, click
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We Can Help
But You'll Have to Call!
Wholesale Mortgage Broker
Open Book Advisor™
Brian R. Barnes
"The Most Important Thing
For A Young Man Is To
Establish Credit, A
Reputation & Character"
John D. Rockefeller
Brian Barnes is Operations Manager for FOCUS Home Loan Solutions.  
Brian is also our on staff Open Book Advisor™.

Why is having an Open Book Advisor™ on staff important to us?  
Because our clients are important to us.
You can have confidence in an Open Book Advisor™.

  • Licensed
  • Experience as a Home Owner
  • Positive Credit History <700 Fico
  • Experience as a Real Estate Investor
Your Mortgage Advisor will see your credit report before offering
you any advice. . .
Shouldn't you see their credit report before you trust that advice?
Brian's Credit Report!
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