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First Time buyer? Don't be intimidated or overwhelmed.  You're not alone!  
We offer our First Time Buyers hand holding service.  There is no such thing
as a stupid question.  Ask us what you need to do to qualify,  how much
home you can afford, and just how much time it may take to get you there.
We want you to learn and understand every thing about your purchase.  We
work closely with your Real Estate Agent, the selling agent and you to ensure
a smooth home buying experience.  We will work with you to find the perfect
loan for that perfect home.
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Buying A Home
You've Got to Move!

In every housing hardship, someone stands to gain.   Right now,  that someone is qualified buyers.
It's a perfect time.  If you want to move up or are ready to buy your first home you need to get qualified now.   
The housing market has produced great deals for home buyers and these generous seller incentives cannot
last.   We've got loan programs that can put you and your family into the home of your dreams.    While many
banks are cutting loan programs and tightening requirements, our family of lenders is working overtime to
make your dream of home ownership a reality.  
Call Us to get pre-qualified or click on our secure application and start looking for that perfect home  today.
We Can't Help
Unless You Call!
When Opportunity Knocks...
First Time Home Buyers

Hours | Monday ~ Friday 9:00 to 8:00 PST
Sat ~ 10:00 to 6:00 |
Email 24/7
We still have 100% Financing available in many regions for those
who qualify.  USDA Rural Home Loans are one excellent way to
purchase a home.
100% Financing Gone...?
Not only do we have 100% Financing, but you can borrow up to 100% of the value, including any equity.  For
instance, say the home you want appraises for $200,000, but you have negotiated with the seller to sell the
home to you for $185,000, you can borrow up to the $200,000 value!  Also there is no limit on seller
concessions or gift.  You are not required a minimum contribution nor do you have to have reserves!   Our
clients are moving with no money down & no money out of pocket!  As of January 20th, 2009, the government
has lifted income caps which mean more buyers will qualify.  Find out if you qualify,
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