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Prequalify vs Preapproved
A Pre-Approval letter, on the other hand, demonstrates that you have completed an application,
provided documentation, have had your credit report pulled and your file was actually submitted to a
lender who approved you for a specific loan amount, usually with some conditions.  The approval
process may take as little as a few minutes or a few days depending on the lender and their
procedures.  You do not need a pre-approval to shop for a home, however, your Realtor may be more
motivated to find you the right home knowing you are approved rather than just qualified and sellers will
take your offer more seriously.

When is one preferred over the other?
When it comes to actually finding the right home, having a pre-approval letter is generally expected by
sellers when submitting your offer.  If you are serious about purchasing a home, it is best to have a
pre-approval.  That letter may be the determining factor when a seller is considering other offers.  

If you are just kicking around the idea of buying a home, you may want to start by getting  pre-qualified.
It will help you to determine if conditions are right for you to start looking for a home.  You don't want to  
find the right home and make an offer, only to find out that the other offer from a pre-qualified buyer
was accepted over yours.  

Getting Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved is absolutely Free. Focus does not charge an application
fee and you can get started with a quick pre-qualification with our Quick Quote feature to the left.

If you're serious and ready to find that right home, you can begin the pre-approval process by
accessing our application
here.  Again, It's absolutely Free.  Focus does not charge an application fee.
Or just give us a call and we can get you on your way to owning your new home.
What Is The Difference?

A Pre-Qualification letter
says that you have contacted a
Mortgage Professional who has taken down some preliminary
information about you and based upon the limited information they
have, they believe that they can qualify you for a loan. There is NO
GUARANTEE that you will be able to obtain financing with a
Pre-Qualification Letter.

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