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Step 2
Once you are eligible, you may present us with a timely offer from a competing lender. This offer must be for the
same loan product as the loan for which you applied with, and the combination of points/rebate and
lender/broker fees must be at least $500 lower than those for the same rate offered. We must receive the
competing offer by noon Pacific Time, so we have a chance to match or beat the competing offer that same day.

Step 3
On the same day we receive the competing offer, we will let you know if we can match or beat the competing
offer. If we can match or beat the offer, you must lock your interest rate with us that day. If we are unable to
match or beat the offer and you close your loan with the competing lender according to the terms of their offer,
you can collect $500 once the terms have been documented and confirmed.

Additional Eligibility Requirements and Conditions:

•       Applicants who have already locked their rate are not eligible for the $500 payment.

•      Our Low Cost Guarantee only applies to fixed-rate, first mortgage
loans for the purchase or refinance of a 1- to 4-unit dwelling.

•      Competing offers must be:
Guaranteed Rate & Pricing or We'll Pay You $500
Step 1
Apply with for a first mortgage loan to purchase or refinance a residence. As long as your
interest rate is still unlocked, you are eligible for the low cost guarantee once your loan has
been conditionally approved, including a review of your title and appraisal reports, subject to
the eligibility requirements below.
1.  In the form of a good faith estimate or a letter from a competing lender (on the lender's letterhead)
confirming the rate and terms of a similar loan, dated the same day you present the competing offer.
The good faith estimate must show the interest rate, discount points or rebate, and all origination fees and
other lender and/or broker fees.
2.  For the same loan program for which you have been approved.
3.  For the same interest rate as the loan for which you have been approved.
4.  Your loan application must be approved, and all approval conditions must be met.
5.  You must be prepared to lock your interest rate if we can match your offer.
6.   Third-party and government fees and costs will not be considered in comparing competing offers.
7.   Only one competing offer may be presented per eligible application.
8.   Once you close your loan with the competing lender, you must provide a final HUD1 Settlement Statement
and copy of the Promissory Note as proof that you closed according to the terms quoted in the competing offer.
9.   Relocation customers are not eligible for the Low Cost Guarantee.
10. Home Equity Lines of Credit, FHA and VA are NOT eligible for the Low Cost Guarantee

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