Brian R. Barnes
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a.k.a 'The Loan Professor'
I focus on doing things right.  It's a common practice for loan
officers to quote low rates in order to win a clients business, however
without knowing anything about your circumstance, those numbers
are not a reality that you can make decisions with.

Please understand that rates change on a daily basis.  Until you are
in a position to lock a loan,  the rates being quoted to you can only
give you a general idea of where rates are for the moment.  You
need to concentrate on finding a mortgage advisor you trust, then
they will help you get everything in order to lock in the best rate
available to you.

We want you to get the absolute best rate at the best pricing
available. That's why we guarantee the best rate & pricing on your
home loan or we'll pay you $500*.  We are so confident in our family
of lenders and our ability to research and shop the best programs
they offer, that we can guarantee we'll find the best rates you can
qualify for.  

We don't focus on horse and pony games.
We focus on YOU!

You know that If you dangle a carrot in front of a horse, you can get him to go where
ever you want! Don't fall for that!
 Shopping for real rates requires your input. Invest a few
moments of your time and get real information that can help you make the best decision.   

If you're getting rate quotes from someone who has no information about you,
you're waisting your time
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