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5 Tips on Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Mortgage
Some rates and fees are negotiable - so don't be afraid to ask.
You should be wary if you are being offered a non traditional mortgage when documenting
all of your income is not an issue. Loans with minimal documentation generally come with
higher rates.  Know the terminology and understand what is being offered.

2) Ask for Clarification
If you do not understand something ask questions until it makes sense. A good Broker will
want you to understand everything involved with the process.

4) Know the Score
Know what your credit score is before entering into negotiations. The Broker is required to
provide you a copy of your report. If they will not, then you need to find one that will.
If you can look ahead of time you can do some research and see what types of rates you
qualify for. Keep in mind that advertised rates are generally best case scenario. You must
be realistic. Unless you have great credit, only need a 15 yr loan and don't need to borrow
100%,  you will likely not get the rates you hear on the radio ads on your way home from
work. Even with the best scores those rates are often misleading and can cost you a lot of
money up front to buy down the rate.

5) Look at Your Options
Your Broker should ask about your goals and time lines. The shorter the term for a fixed
rate the better the rate is. If you know for a fact that you will be living in a home from three
to five years there is no sense getting a 30 year fixed rate loan. If you plan on living in the
home forever it is better to look at a 30 year loan than a 5 year Adjustable Rate Mortgage
with 5 years of a fixed rate. For most borrowers there will be multiple options. Know what
yours are and make a decision based on what is right for your situation.

We are proud to provide a service worthy of your future referrals.
3) Don't Sign Under Pressure
Take a deep breath and remember you are the one
responsible for the payments. If a Broker is pushing you,
consider that a Red Flag. Do not sign until you understand
everything. It is easy to be intimidated at the closing. After
all, there are many pages of loan documents to review, and
some of the language is cryptic or in small type. You may
time and know what you are signing.
" Thanks Brian.  
This process is so
overwhelming to me!  
I appreciate your
patience in walking us
through each step and
answering all of our
questions.  I never
thought I could find
someone I could trust
and work so well with on
the internet.  But truly,
you are easier to get a
response from than my
local Realtor.  
Thanks Again

  Jay B."

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