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1) Organize Your Documents!
Before meeting with a Broker gather key items that are likely to be requested.
Here is a short list:
  • Last 2 Months Pay Stubs and 2 W2's. If Self Employed Last 2 Years Taxes.
  • Last 2 Months Bank Statements (to show reserves)
  • Documentation of any other source of income.
We don't recommend shopping for a home until you've shopped for a loan. Don't make the
mistake of falling in love with a home that will break your budget.

2) Get Qualified!
The next step is to speak with a Broker and discuss your goals and needs. The broker should
pull your credit and discuss with you current loan programs and their pro's and con's. You will
need to make the decision which works best for you. The Broker can pre-qualify you and give
you a letter to take with you home shopping demonstrating the amount you are qualified for.
This is NOT an approval but it does show a seller that you are taking steps to secure financing.
This is a good time to start looking for a home.

3) Apply for a Loan!
The Broker will collect all necessary paperwork from you. An appraisal will be ordered and title
will be opened. The loan package will include all of your paperwork as well as items we will
collect such as the preliminary title report and appraisal. The lender will begin the underwriting
process and issue us a conditional approval.

4) Obtain Loan Approval
A Conditional approval will come with a few requirements (conditions) necessary for us to meet
to complete the loan. This may be additional documentation, letters of explanation etc.  Once
these items have been cleared the lender will issue docs to title.

5) Close the Loan
Once the docs are in title you will go to the closing. This can be done at title or a mobile notary
can come to you. Here you will sign all of the final paperwork. All items from the Note to the
Deed will be notarized and sent back to the lender for final inspection. Once the lender signs off
that the paperwork was done correctly they will fund the loan. The very next day the deed will
be recorded and arrangements will be made for you to get the keys to your new home.
We work hard to
provide the best
experience for our
clients.  We secured
100% financing for
Marianna and she even
walked away from
closing with absolutely
no costs whatsoever.  
Her good faith deposit
was even refunded at

"...By the way, you are
even greater than I
thought!   Very exciting
news at closing today!!!
A very very happy and
excited Thank You!"

Marianna   :)
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